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The Love, Simon Tag

Hi there! This is Sheri. Today I thought I’d do the Love, Simon Tag created by Rhapsody over on the Dog’s Advisory Board. I thought this would be a great tag to both celebrate Love, Simon and to share a bit of insight into my personality. Let’s get into it.

Halloween Oreos: Favourite snack food?

Either something really salty, like Woolies-brand corn chips, or sultanas and dried apricots.

Panic! At The Disco: Celebrity crush? Or favourite celebrity?

I don’t tend to care much about celebrities but, for those who don’t know me, I am a huge fan of K-Pop. Whilst I can’t choose a favourite out of all of them, I think I’ll choose RM from BTS and Chaeyoung from TWICE. For RM, I’m a sucker for a dorky smart guy. For Chaeyoung, did you see her in Like Ooh Ahh? Dang.

Iced Coffee: Token Drink?

Something like lemonade, probably.

Bieber: Do you have any pets and what are their names?

Yes! I do! I have a cat and a dog. My cat is an old girl named Chelsea who was a kitten when I was a baby and I absolutely love her. My dog is a younger, more lively girl named Darcy, named after Mr Darcy before my mum realised she was a girl. They are so cute that sometimes I want to squish them. 😛

Bad, but Enthusiastic Cooking: What is the favourite and least favourite meal you’ve ever eaten?

I am such a plain eater. I cannot eat food that has heaps of flavours because I am so stubborn and hate trying new foods. Because of this, my favourite meal would probably be something like sweet chilli chicken and caesar salad. As for my least favourite meal, probably the thinly sliced roast beef they served us at school camps.

The Bachelor: Any guilty pleasure reads/movies/shows?

I am a sucker for TV shows like Four Weddings or Say Yes To The Dress because I love judging the dresses. I also love watching Judge Judy because it makes me feel quite secure in my intellectual abilities.

School Production: Are you part of your school production/have been in the past? If not, what’s your favourite musical?

I have not been in an official production but I do take Year 11 Drama and have performed short pieces in the past. I am, however, obsessed with musicals of all sorts. My top favourites would definitely be Les Miserables, Heathers: The Musical and Hamilton (of course).

Graduation: What are you most excited about doing after you finish high school?

I can’t wait for not having to go to school five days a week. I really want to go to university to study writing or communications. I just can’t wait to have the time to become my own, independent person.

Ferris Wheel: What could be the most romantic thing you can think of?

Whilst I haven’t experienced many romantic things practically, I find myself to be such a hopeless romantic. I have always thought hugging and cuddling was such a close and emotional action between partners.

Blue: Have you ever been dubbed with any nicknames?

Sheri is actually a nickname given to me by my Drama class. It comes from my last name Sheridan. It is one of the few nicknames I accept and it’s just become a thing. I also have two older sisters with similar names to me and so many of my teachers just use my last name because they get our names mixed up all the time. I’ve just gotten used to being called by my last name.

Jacques: When do you feel most yourself?

When writing. I never feel more myself than when I write and I can fully express my emotions. It is an entirely private experience that lets me be myself in every sense of the word.


And that’s all for today. The night grows stronger and I grow more tired.



Thank you for doing this tag!!

5th May, 18
aahanadudani DAB member

This is so cool!! Fellow les mis, hamilton and cuddling enthusiast here hehe

26th Oct, 19