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After binge watching emmmabooks, hearing about all the diverse books that are out there that I haven’t read yet, and rereading my post The Importance of Love, Simon over on my main blog, I thought ‘why not make a blog for the LGBT+ folk out there?’ So I did, and here I am.


For those who don’t know me, I’m Sheri. I’m asexual and currently questioning with my romantic orientation (floating somewhere between pan, demi or aro). I’m not your cookie cutter LGBT+ person but I saw that there hasn’t been much talk of the LGBT+ community on this site, so I thought I’d contribute.


This was really an introduction post. If any of you our there would like to become a contributor, just comment below and we can start sharing our thoughts, our experiences and, most importantly, our books. 😛



Hi, could I contribute here? I’m bisexual :)

22nd Apr, 18

There we go! Your added to the contributors. Sorry I haven’t posted anything new. I’ve been a bit busy with school work. ?

22nd Apr, 18

In reply to sheri

*You’re ?

22nd Apr, 18

In reply to sheri

Thank you!! And yeah I haven’t posted anything since school started. I don’t know how other people seem to be managing it.

22nd Apr, 18

Yo! This is such a cool blog!! Could you add me?? Bi/Ace hereee also genderfluiiiiid <3

5th May, 18

It's super important to have a place for everyone, and I'd love to be a contributor to this blog. I'm still figuring things out, so I define myself as queer. :)

6th May, 18

Could I contribute? I’m not sure who I am yet, but on the fence between gay and pansexual.

29th Jun, 18

All good! Welcome to the family. :D

29th Jun, 18

In reply to sheri


29th Jun, 18

Could I please contribute? I'm bisexual.

5th Sep, 18

Omg yes! I already love this blog, emmabooks is amazing!! Also could I contribute, I'm currently identifying as bisexual!

2nd Oct, 18

Hi! I would love to contribute!! I think this is an amazing idea!!
I'm a gay girl :))

16th Nov, 18

Hi! This is an amazing blog and an amazing idea! I haven't seen much stuff like this around anywhere. I would love to contribute! I am a transguy and I'm also pansexual!

27th Nov, 18

Hi can I contribute I currently identify as bi and am slowly coming out to my friends

22nd Feb, 19

Um; g r e a t i d e a :3 could you add me to be a contributor? (I'm pan/ace and genderfluid)

28th Feb, 19

Hi I'd love to help out if possible! I'm bi and ace/demi (still working on it :D)

8th Jul, 19